What my previous clients say about my work

Rosina Iglesias is a top-notch dedicated translator who not only pays close attention to detail, but gets the job done in a thorough, efficient, and timely manner. Once she sinks her teeth into a project, you can rest assured that she will follow through with precision and accuracy. After working with her, I have declined offers from every other translator who has approached me, because none of them can match the excellence of her work.

Rosina has also taken added incentive and done an outstanding job of proofreading prior work I had done, making me wish I had never worked with any others, and she has become my “golden standard” for getting the job done right.

One of the challenges of writing and publishing in English is that I have very limited access to Spanish language markets as I am primarily an English language speaker, and have no idea of pricing, publicizing, and marketing, so I rely on Rosina’s guidance in those areas, and even in this challenging part of our efforts, she has extended herself and went the extra mile by not only soliciting and receiving endorsements from noted Spanish authors, but she has even gone as far as creating special web pages and social media platforms to help promote our work.

If you are looking for the very best Spanish translator, proofreader, and marketer, you need go no further.

Five Stars for Rosina Iglesias!
Matthew J. Pallamary
President, Mystic Ink Publishing
After one of my books was acquired by WordFire Press, publisher of the Dune and Star Wars series of novels, I decided to have it translated into Spanish in order to explore the Hispanic market. I was advised by certain Spanish-speaking friends that my translator should be a native speaker educated at the university level, so I thought myself fortunate when I encountered a professional translator from Barcelona with a Masters degree from Harvard University who was willing to take on the project. After he brought in a Puerto Rican poet he felt could impart a literary quality and I, in turn, added a native English speaker who is a professor of Spanish at a college in Santa Fe, I thought I had assembled a world class translation team. You can imagine then how disappointed I was when sales of the resulting work only limped along.

I turned to an author friend who has had multiple works translated into several languages with highly successful results to see what he would suggest. He suspected that what I really needed was a person who specialized in literary translation, then introduced me to Rosina Iglesias. What a delight it was when Rosina quickly identified several points in the initial chapter where my translation team had offered a version that, while acceptable, lacked the punch of the original English! This readily explained why its reception by Spanish readers was only lukewarm at best. I set her to work at once and found her to be both affordable and readily communicative, offering detailed explanations for any changes she made. Readers I subsequently contacted have praised her version.

Now that her work is through, I am preparing to re-release El despertar – La saga de Ydron in the Summer of 2018, confident that the second edition conforms more closely to the original.
Raymond Bolton
Author of Awakening
Rosina is the best translator I have worked with. She is quick, efficient, and thorough. She also provided some valuable copy editing that I used to revise the original version of the book. I would highly recommend her.
Martin Tessmer
Author of Scipio Africanus Saga